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  • Chris Hogan Testimony

    This photo was taken 15 months ago. I was out of shape, weighed around 200 lbs, my low back hurt constantly, and I had tendinitis in both elbows.

    Flash forward to today, I’m 160 and in the best shape of my life.

    I did it by throwing out the old playbook, questioning everything I had read on the internet, and adopting a new set of exercises, training regimens, and equipment.

    Here are my 3 greatest takeaways from training with the Purmotion method:

    ???? Higher Rep Ranges. The 10-25 rep range has been key for mastering the movement patterns and building muscle at a weight that’s joint friendly. While recovering from tendinitis, I had to re-build up from zero. I was forced into high rep ranges by necessity. But what I discovered is that I could get very solid results without needing to work with weight that would irritate my elbows, knees, shoulders, etc.

    ???? Non Competing Supersets & Multiple Angles. By combining non-competing exercises and training multiple angles, I’ve been able to develop total body strength and fix imbalances.

    ???? Joint-Friendly Movement Patterns. Here’s an obvious truth. You can’t keep getting stronger each week if you get injured. A lot of the traditional weightlifting exercises I was doing before my injury were incurring a joint tax. Once I started using the Purmotion movements / equipment, I got rid of the unnecessary joint inflammation. This let me hit the muscles hard week after week, consistently breaking personal records.