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Founder / President
Jorge is the visionary soul of PurMotion. His experience as a 5-time Olympic athlete fueled his passion to change the way the world thinks about fitness and has led to the creation of a new training modality complete with new movements, products and programming.


General Manager / CEO
Stu is our General Manager and the voice of reason in the company. He draws from his engineering and business backgrounds to improvise solutions to challenges and works to make sure the team plays well together.


PurMotion Coach / Educator
DB draws on his experience with the PurMotion Methodology and as a player at all levels of American Football. This combination of experience enables him to effectively communicate and powerfully motivate those on the training floor and in live presentations.
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The quest for a better way

After a stint in corporate life, company founder and 5-time Olympian Jorge Bonnet returned to his passion for athletics–only this time he would be preparing others for competition. Determined to give his athletes the edge, he carefully studied the requirements of their sport and saught to design his workout programs around these requirements. He quickly realized that the movements (exercises) commonly used to train athletes did not address many of the key deficiencies he observed. And even worse, they often created joint stress and strength imbalances. In an effort to combat these problems, he began developing new movements and this in-turn lead to the development of new equipment to load the new movements.
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A company is born

After several years of success and many of his athletes earning collegiate athletic scholarships, people began asking to purchase the equipment he used in his workouts. The only problem was, most of the equipment was “not ready for primetime.” Most were prototypes made from things that could be purchased at the home improvement store. At first, these requests to purchase products were turned away with regret. But after the requests just kept coming, it was decided to move forward with the development of commercial products. With this goal in mind, the company PurMotion was formed in April of 2009 to commercialize and sell the products.
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Leading The Way

Today, PurMotion continues to lead a new way forward for both the fitness and sports performance industries. Our free-thinking creativity and ability to solve problems has made PurMotion the company others look to for new ideas. In just a few short years, PurMotion has introduced the revolutionary PurMotion Methodology, created 7 educational courses and brought more than 20 new innovative products to the market–and we’ve only just begun! The creativity never stops. Sometimes it is more than we can handle. There are many new products and courses that are currently “waiting in the wings” and will be perfected and introduced in the months and years to come.
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Our Core Values

  • We are committed to the growth and success of the people we touch
  • We are free thinkers
  • We are persistent with passion
  • We strive for continuous improvement
  • We have fun
  • We help and encourage each other
  • We take ownership of our actions