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Course Overview

  • 5 hours of theory and practice
  • Course Manual
  • Exercise Poster
  • Product Discounts
  • CECs
  • No Prerequisite required


Learn how to turn the bar into a lever arm and unleash your clients natural strength regardless of age or fitness level. We use a pragmatic approach to biomechanics and force lines to teach you how the body was designed to properly lift heavy from the ground to overhead without ever adding unwanted joint stress. The Renegade System will help your clients increase sustainable work capacity thanks to its ergonomic tools that help maintain proper joint alignment for every exercise we teach you.

The Renegade’s versatility and easy setup will help you prescribe exercises that offer higher carryover to increase work capacity of real life activities such as athletics, tactical situations or any other purpose-based physical activity.

This course will give you a better perspective how PurMotion incorporates force vectors and load variations to efficiently load the body using ground- based integrated movements.

Bilateral Load

Wishbone attachment – this is how the body love to squat! No need to place a barbell in front of behind near your client’s cervical spine. Learn squatting variations using vector forces that not only creates triple flexion/extension but also generates traction while eliminating unnecessary joint stress at the wrist, elbows, shoulders, lower back and knees. Your clients will be amazed how low they can squat on their first try!!! Your clients will thank you when you teach them a sustainable solution to lower extremity strength!

Clean & Jerk attachment – the C&J attachment is the perfect tool to develop lower extremity triple flexion/extension without learning the skills of sports such as power lifting or Olympic lifting. From deadlift, to squat jumps, to rows, to press, to split snatch, to split clean and jerk and more while keeping your shoulders and arms in the most powerful position to lift heavy loads and create natural moment arms at the hip, knees and ankles. Learn the science and application that will make you a better fitness professional without the need of learning the sport of weight lifting.

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