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FTS 100
Stable by design

Most rig systems on the market today share a common design flaw that makes them rather unstable. A typical requirement calls for you to attach them to the floor in an attempt to make them more stable.

The FTS100 system uses a special joining method of attaching the trusses with the columns. This method creates a corner box joint that resists the lateral loading forces that cause most other rigs to sway.

The result is a stable structure that inspires confidence in those who use it.

Modular design – Many Configurations

The FTS100 is a modular rig system that can be configured to match your space and training requirements.

Choose from Single Column, Stall Wall, Wall Mount or Freestanding configurations.

Add-on modules are available to extend the length of both Wall Mount and Freestanding configurations.

Beefy construction

The FTS100 system is supported by beefy 4 inch square, 11 gauge thick, steel columns set on feet cut out of 3/8 inch steel plate.

The trusses are constructed of a 2 inch square top tube and a SCH 40 round tube on the bottom all joined to 1/4 inch plates on both ends. Both columns and trusses feature laser cut detail.

Quality construction not only functions better, but it also helps you make a statement others will appreciate.

Exclusive FTS100 Options

Crane Arms
Monkey Bars
Bell Tower
FTS100 Vector Trax
Crane Arms
Monkey Bars
Bell Tower
FTS100 Vector Trax

Additional FTS100 Options

Dual Renegade Bars
Core Bars
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