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Course Overview

  • 8 hours of theory and practice
  • Course Manual
  • Exercise Poster
  • Product Discounts
  • CECs
  • No Prerequisite required


Learn the fundamentals of the Core Bar Training course and how it will help you and your clients developed rotational strength by maximizing asymmetrical loads through varied lines of resistance to increase purpose-based work capacity.

This 8-hour course teaches the purpose, the movements, how to coach and integrate the PurMotion Core Bar Training into your clients’ programs. You will learn how to progress and regress movement patterns for clients of any fitness level.

You will be proficient in three products that make up the Core Bar Training:

  • Core12 Bar
  • Core36/44 Bar
  • The Joust

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the science and benefits behind the Core Bar Training System
  • Set up and use the Core Bars with elastic bands, as cable attachment or with bumper plates
  • Learn the concept of PurOrbits and how it relates to anchor points selection to maximize ground-based rotational strength.
  • Learn how hand print, foot print and Core Bar distance from the body can change level of resistance without adding additional external weight.
  • Your body is a Cylinder – learn how to engage your arms, shoulders, trunk and feet to create biomechanic-friendly movement patterns while standing on your feet
  • Safely and effectively instruct others how to use the Core Bars
  • Cue and correct common faults
  • Design workouts in compliance with the PurMethod to ensure purpose-based movements in all planes of motion, using multiple force vectors while incorporating asymmetric loads.
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