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Course Overview

  • 8 hours of theory and practice
  • Course Manual
  • Exercise Poster
  • Product Discounts
  • CECs offered
  • No Prerequisite required


Designed by a fitness pro for fitness pros! Your clients will appreciate that you attended this course!

We guarantee that the AirFit Training Course will make you a better fitness professional by incorporating a tool with a method that incorporates biomechanic-friendly movements to develop sustainable, purpose-based physical work capacity.

The AirFit’s versatility, portability and easy setup will help you improve exercise selection, time efficiency and provide an amazing workout experience for your clients. PurMotion designed the AirFit as an open training system (user-defined attachments) with three distinctive application so fitness professionals can work with clients at any fitness level:

Body-weight training — learn natural movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, core and lower body exercise variations. You will be proficient in setting-up the AirFit. Identify and assigned proper progressions/regressions for clients of any level as you transition from bilateral to unilateral movements. You will also learn how to adjust the anchor point at different heights to change the line resistance.

Resistance training – Attach the AirFit to a cable machine, adjust desired height, select the weight and you are on your way to experience ground based resistance training with the AirFit. Learn the relationship of lower extremity forward/backward traction and how it relates to core strength, pushing and pulling.

Sled/tire training – learn how to prescribe exercises that develops amazing lower extremity strength while easy on the joints by dragging heavy sleds or tires. In addition, you can literally do a complete total body workout with the AirFit using a sled.

Programming Learn how to designed workouts using the AirFit and in combination with other tools by following the PurMotion Method. Participants will learn the practical approach to constructing workouts by selecting the right movements, in the right sequence by using simple constraints as auto feedback to ensure compliance with the PurMethod.

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