Fitness is not a sport

Fitness prepares you for sport


Fitness shouldn't hurt you

Fitness should help you


Fitness activity should be based on primal, fundamental movements instead of sports based movements like power lifting or olympic lifting. There is no mention in the definition of power lifting or olympic lifting that such sports are also beneficial to maintain or enhance fitness.


Athletes eventually retire from sports

Athletes should never retire from fitness


PurMotion takes an all-inclusive approach to enhance purpose-based physical work capacity regardless if the physical conditions are predictable or unpredictable.  Purpose-based physical work refers to 4 fundamental physical tasks:

Lift- Build structures like homes, roads and bridges

Fight- Defend yourself or others

Sprint- Run away or into a situation

Dance- Celebrate from any of the other 3

These fundamental tasks have been consistently present in every civilization or empire known to mankind.


Using this approach, PurMotion not only meets, but exceeds the physical requirements of any given physical task. In other words, PurMotion's definition of athleticism is an individual that can do well at all 4 fundamental physical tasks: lifting, fighting, sprinting, and dancing


This approach is the basis of the PurMethod which is the summation of six principles that translate into the PurAthlete.


The PurMethod

1. Leaves no stone unturned.

2. Shows that strength is not always equal to adaptable strength.

3. Offers a sustainable, efficient solution to achieve athleticism.

There are many roads to Romes! Which one will you pick?


Modern Workout Model: Fragmented

Activation + Corrective + Balance + Stretching + Strength = Adaptable Strength


PurMethod Workout Model: Integrated

PURMoves= Adaptable Strength


Simultaneously you are strengthening, activating, balancing and correcting NO DIFFERENT FROM PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES DONE OUTSIDE THE GYM.

This simple "formula" informs all our decisions related to movement, equipment and programming

Purmotion methodology graphic

Integrated Motion

The body was designed to work as an integrated unit doing ground-based movements (ON YOUR FEET!)


Pillar Movements

There are SIX basic movements. Push, Pull, Rotation, Locomotion, Level Change and Complexes (any combination of two or more of the first five). A complete training program should cover all of them.


Planes of Motion

The body is capable of work in three planes of motion or even all three at the same time.


Force Lines

The resistance to motion can come at different angles



Loads can be equal on both sides of the body or they can be only on one side of the body.


Intensity (Power)

The body can expend energy slowly or quickly. The body should be trained to do both efficiently and all points in-between.

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Purmotion methodology graphic
Purmotion methodology graphic
Purmotion methodology graphic