PurMotion can help you design your facility. Using our 3D design software, we can custom plan your facility to optimize programming and flow for the best user experience.



Palm Springs, California

Facility - Muscle Force 3,000sf

Location - Palm Springs, CA

Owner - Eddie Swain

Purpose: Muscle Force is a fitness studio that rents space to Personal Trainers. Eddie contracted PurMotion to help him:


1. Design a fitness studio that could accommodate 12 trainers training clients at a time.

2. Incorporate functional training equipment that is user-defined, versatile and requires minimal set-up



Tulsa, Oklahoma

Facility - Tulsa Fitness Systems 6,000sf

Location - Tulsa, OK

Owner - Clint Howard

Purpose - TFS clientele varies from busy professionals, moms and some young athletes.  Clint approached PurMotion to help him with three issues:

1. Increase strength using multiple lines of resistance (force vectors) without relying on traditional barbell training.

2. To differentiate his gym from the competition.

3. Run training sessions with 25-30 people at a time.


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